Mission & Vision of Rescue the Preborn

By | Last Updated: 1 April 2023

-To Train and Equip Indiana Christians to minister at local abortion mills-To coordinate outreach events and teams of Christians that will minister together at abortion clinics at the seven Indiana abortion clinics.

-To raise up “Side-Walk Rescuers” around the State of Indiana who will faithfully minister at the abortion clinics.-To develop relationships with local pastors and churches to get involved in rescuing children at abortion mills.

-To rescue preborn babies from slaughter by reaching out to their moms and dads at abortion clinics. To preach the gospel to these parents and help them with spiritual support, financial resources, and referrals. Offer them HOPE.


To see Christians and churches rise up all across the state of Indiana, and respond to God’s call and command to “rescue those being taken to away to death” by ministering at their local abortion clinics. To see every abortion clinic in Indiana, have a faithful presence of Christians ministering outside of it while the clinic is open.

As a ministry of the local church, Rescue The Preborn will be built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be actively brought into conflict with the practice of abortion. Thus, when ministering at a local abortion clinic, we will be preaching God’s Word as we plead for the lives of preborn children being taken to the slaughter. 

Motivated by Love: 

Jesus commands us to “love our neighbor as ourself” including our preborn neighbor. Our conviction, is that every child who is scheduled to be aborted, should have one final plea for his or her life. This is a great demonstration of love, interposing on behalf of the child, and lovingly pleading with the mother and father to keep their child.

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